Live: Music For Libraries

Live: Music For Libraries

February 17th, 2024 14:00 - 17:00

Bibliotheek Deventer, Stromarkt 18, 7411 PK Deventer, The Netherlands.

FREE ENTRANCE –┬áRead a book in tranquility with live ambient music by Voltmeister.

Voltmeister is a German-Dutch group of three musicians who have been making music with analogue, electronic instruments since 2016. They perform in art galleries, clubs and monuments. With each performance a unique composition is created that continues to develop over time during the performance. For this project Voltmeister collaborates with Maarten Vloon.

The parallels between ambient music and literature lie in their ‘long form’ and ‘slow process’ nature, unfolding gradually over time. As a good novel takes hours to develop, Voltmeister’s ambient compositions offer various passages and musical plot twists during this afternoon event. Research suggests that instrumental music, particularly classical and ambient genres, enhances concentration and focus during cognitive tasks like reading (source: Blood, A.J., & Zatorre, R.J. – 2001).

Find a nice book, settle down in a nice spot and let yourself be carried away by the story and the sound.



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