Eurorack Ruhr’s Square Wave [special edition]

Eurorack Ruhr’s Square Wave [special edition]

October 4th, 2024 19:00 - 22:00

Hier ist nicht da, Bochumer Str. 138, 45886 Gelsenkirchen, Germany

HELLO GERMANY! – This edition of Square Wave will take place in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and is organized by Eurorack Ruhr and Voltmeister. It is a meeting of the Eurorack Ruhr and Voltmeister/Square Wave communities: half of the participating performers hail from Germany, while the other half come from The Netherlands. Apart from the thrilling performances, this event fosters opportunities for meeting and connecting with fellow synth enthusiasts.

Square Wave is a live improvisational music event for modular synthesists. Performers will engage in duo improvisation sessions, each lasting ten minutes. Pairings for the duos will be randomly determined through a drawing of lots. Additionally, each duo will be assigned a BPM (tempo) through a random draw, falling within the range of 60-160 BPM. Thus, fate will dictate both a participant’s improvisation partner and the tempo, ensuring each performance is uniquely dynamic, exciting, and enjoyable!

The performers for this edition are to be announced here soon.


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