Voltmeister’s Square Wave #21

Voltmeister’s Square Wave #21

September 15th, 2024 14:00 - 17:00

De Hip, Brink 21, 7411 BR Deventer, The Netherlands.

FREE ENTRANCE – Square Wave is a live improvisation music event for modular synthesists. Besides exciting performances, Square Wave is about meeting and connecting with fellow synth enthusiasts. Entrance is free.

Square Wave is a live improvisational music event for modular synthesists. Performers will engage in duo improvisation sessions, each lasting ten minutes. Pairings for the duos will be randomly determined through a drawing of lots. Additionally, each duo will be assigned a BPM (tempo) through a random draw, falling within the range of 60-160 BPM. Thus, fate will dictate both a participant’s improvisation partner and the tempo, ensuring each performance is uniquely dynamic, exciting, and enjoyable!

The performers for this edition are:
1. Gregor Beyerle
2. Danny Servaes
3. Rikkert Achtereekte
4. Gijs van Ouwerkerk
5. Gijs Gruijters
6. Jeroen Diepenmaat
7. Bjorn Lucas
8. Frank Janssen


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