Voltmeister’s Square Wave #22

Voltmeister’s Square Wave #22

November 10th, 2024 14:00 - 17:00

De Hip, Brink 21, 7411 BR Deventer, The Netherlands.

FREE ENTRANCE – Square Wave is a live improvisation music event for modular synthesists. Besides exciting performances, Square Wave is about meeting and connecting with fellow synth enthusiasts. Entrance is free.

Performers will participate in improvisation sessions, each lasting ten minutes. Pairings for the duos will be determined through a drawing of lots. Additionally, each duo will be assigned a BPM (tempo) through a random draw, falling within the range of 60-160 BPM. Thus, fate will determine both a participant’s improvisation partner and the tempo. Making each performance unique, exciting and fun!

The performers for this edition are:
1. Gregor Beyerle
2. Danny Servaes
3. Rikkert Achtereekte
4. Janko Bartelink
5. Ronald Wijnands
6. Sebastiaan Haverkamp
7. Tectonia (Ricardo Verschut)
8. Maarten Vloon

Want to perform at a future edition of Square Wave? Please first read the participant information document (PDF) and sign up today to secure your spot.


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